Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Everything Strong

The fear of love is the plague, the end of the world. Everyone is afraid of love; from the top to the bottom of the social scale. People would like to be happy, to seek pleasure, but without having to suffer.
What miserable, unhappy fools and above all how sick…..Even the beast in man let loose is more interesting than the mass of all those unhappy people castrated of feeling. Everything strong, troubles and alarms them…
I am gradually getting used to my solitary life…..I can accept the fact that I am not appreciated, with serenity. People admire success above all, without understanding the least thing about it; I confess that I admire the instinct of the man who passing in front of a poor sketch of mine said: ‘this is beautiful because it is ugly.'"

[ Written by Georges Rouault]

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