Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Female Support

There are quite a few things women can do to hurt themselves. I started collecting a list in my head. These are dangerous things I have done, seen friends struggle with, or observed as common pitfalls amongst the female population. I want to take my time and explain these errors with clarity, so I will only post a handful at a time.

Handful #1:

  • Women hurt themselves when they walk in offense. Seriously, either say something about it (this involves discernment and learning how to communicate effectively) or let it go. Holding it in only stresses you out and then makes you gain stress fat. The other person is probably at Starbucks enjoying an anxiety-free afternoon.

  • Women hurt themselves when they exercise too much. If you plan your day around all your own personal exercise routines, you miss out on real life. Don't cancel plans to meet up with friends or family because they don't fit into your cardio schedule. Fitness should be a part of your life not all of it.

  • Women hurt themselves when they don't know how to say no. A good friend looked me in the eye the other day and told me, with years of experience behind her words, "You don't have to do what you don't want to do." This was not a license for me to go ahead and do whatever I wanted, but it was a warning not to let people manipulate my actions or emotions. You will have to fight false guilt and shame all of your life. What matters is that you are following God's path, not trying to please other people.

  • Women hurt themselves when they buy the wrong bra size. Seriously lady, help yourself up and out.

  • Women hurt themselves when they don't know how to be alone (and at peace). Develop your ability to be on your own. Whether it is for a few minutes, hours, or days, solitude is good. Resist the urge to panic, pick up your cell phone and call your boyfriend or your mom. Just take a deep breath, find the nearest patio, and chill down. I have found that spending time alone has really helped develop my character. I use the time to read what I want to, pray, write letters, or even just sit. Alone-time is rare; just enjoy it.

More to come....


  1. p.s. the word verification was "coned"...i wonder if that's a comment on what kind of bra i should be looking for.

  2. Thanks, Lisa!

    PS - I think the coned bras should be left to Madonna :)